GoPUCC Coffee Temperature Test! How well did the GoPUCC stack up?

Hey Backers!

Hope everyone is off to a good start this week! As promised, we had some Backers ask how the GoPUCC stacks up against other bottles/cups on the market. So I ran some up-front hard data tests and kept them as fair and practical as possible.

Background of the test

To start, I think it is fair to say everyone who drinks coffee probably owns and drinks from the regular old school coffee mug. So that was a suitable candidate for the test.

Next is the coffee tumbler, stainless steel. For coffee-lovers, this has been the best in its class and it is no question that the vacuum-sealed stainless steel tumbler can hold hot temperatures well.

Fresh coffee was made, and the pot was measured at 163 deg. F (73 deg C). The kitchen room temperature was 71 deg. F (22 deg C.). The mug, tumbler and GoPUCC were all filled up to 14.5 fl-oz (429 mL).

The Test!

The mug, tumbler and GoPUCC all sat on the counter for 40 minutes total. Temperatures were taken every 5 minutes. They were put in the state that they would be in most. In an ideal environment, the coffee mug would be at your table while you eat/do work, etc. The tumbler has a lid included and is usually used especially when on-the-go. Plus it helps to keep heat inside. The GoPUCC had its lid on and closed since when not being consumed it is ideal to hold the heat in. For the purpose of this test, each one of the containers did not move and no external elements were added (such as creamer or anything).

The Results!


Going into this test, it was a safe bet that the stainless steel tumbler was going to be the winner, since that is what it has been designed for. The common coffee mug held a good fight but it is safe to say most people don't necessarily travel with a coffee mug.

Of the three bottles, the GoPUCC came in second place, behind the tumbler and ahead of the mug. It is safe to say that your results may vary, and this was also tested with the GoPUCC prototype (production GoPUCCs may also vary).

In conclusion, the GoPUCC holds hot beverages for a good amount of time, and at the same time is also microwave safe in the event you need to reheat any beverage. It is designed to fill the gap and be your "jack of all trades" bottle while collapsing to save space when on-the-go. Lastly, the entire time, the GoPUCC was still comfortable to touch and was not hot. The walls of the bottle were designed with this in mind (thick and durable).

Stay tuned for how the GoPUCC stacks up against the regular beer glass and Solo cup with ice cold beer!

Please continue to share the campaign with your friends/family and let's take this thing to the finish line!!

Thanks for reading!

Brandon & John

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