GoPUCC Production Update 06 Jun 2018

Hey Backers!

Production Update

Short and sweet update. We have some good news! Our manufacturer has produced and sent us a sample to address any last little details to ensure it meets standard. The sample was sent expedited and will be here at our HQ tomorrow (Thursday)! 

We will be inspecting and doing a series of tests to ensure the GoPUCC functions and works as advertised. Our prototypes have stood strong, now it's onto the production grade models!

Some tests to look out for:

  • Ensure threads of lids are in tact and functioning properly
  • Leak test of both with and without fan blade agitator
  • Microwave test
  • Count cycles of collapsing/expanding
  • Drop test
  • Freeze test filled up
  • Dishwasher test
  • Protein shake test including with lots of fluid/lots of protein
  • Collapsed protein powder leak test
  • Carabiner loop/strap test
  • Cleaning test
  • Coffee/hot beverage test
  • Lastly...the "Oh-sh*t I left my shaker bottle in my 90 degree car all day and overnight" clean test

We will certainly keep everyone posted with video content and detailed tests, very much the same tests that we put our prototypes against. 


As we finally move closer to mass production and shipping, please ensure your shipping address is current. If you need any assistance we are happy to update your address. 

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone for your patience and support through this process. We are ready and extremely eager to be shipping orders out as soon as possible. Thanks again.

Brandon & John

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  • Michael Ciccone

    Sorry guys but I think the bottle is a dud. I am a very disappointed original backer. I received my 4 bottles….finally. They are just “ok”. Not as good as many other bottles available in the marketplace. The concept is good but the bottle is just too difficult to collapse quickly. This makes it irritating instead of useful and unique. It lacks the “cool” factor. I plan to give mine away as Christmas White Elephants. Sorry guys! I do wish you luck regardless—you will need it!

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