GoPUCC Production Update 12 Mar

Hey Backers!
As expected, we have another update as we get closer and closer to shipping! 
Injection Mold Update
We have received a video of the production grade GoPUCC body! Here is a video:
Our contract manufacturer notified us they are pleased with the outcome. Just a minor hiccup when it comes to the injection process of the mold on the bottom. 
A. is the prototype we sent to them for reference/testing
B. Initial tooling run and had some hiccups with cementing/injection on the bottom base bonding
C. is an experiment they conducted by reversing the base and testing the bottom bonding. 
D. Perfect fix they deemed a pass. 
They stated they need to make a small revision to increase the injection point diameter a few millimeters bigger (which needed our confirmation). Other than that, we are progressing closer and closer!
We will continue to post updates as we receive them. 
Thanks again for your support and patience!
Brandon & John

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