GoPUCC Production Update 13 Jun 2018

Hey Backers!

So the first production grade GoPUCC is in house and we are very pleased with the results! We've put the production grade to the test on various aspects and are happy to say it's holding up to the standard. 

Function Tests

Here are a series of tests we've done:

  • Microwave test - the GoPUCC did just fine. I poured in some water and put it in the microwave for two minutes. The water was plenty hot while the bottle itself was not hot to the touch and held up just fine. 
  • Drop test - The GoPUCC feels strong and rugged. With rubberized overmold this allows for absorption and grip when taking it on/off. 
  • Freeze test - I filled up the GoPUCC full with water and stuck it in the deep-freezer overnight. In the morning the GoPUCC held strong and did not break with water expansion. Like with anything, I had to let it thaw out before being able to take off the lid or do anything with it. 
  • Dishwasher test - Handles it just fine as expected
  • Protein shake test - no clumps and works very well. 
  • Collapsed protein powder collapsed in bag - works great
  • Cleaning - very easy to clean!
  • Carabiner loop/lid stop feels very sturdy and handled the load no problem
  • We have cycled the GoPUCC in its collapsed/expanded state more than 100x per day (it's up to 400 cycles now) and is holding up great. This was one major aspect we wanted to make sure held up as we've seen other competitor products not hold up as well.

We are still working on a video and will publish it on our next update so everyone can a better look. Onto some close up shots of the GoPUCC:





We did find very minor discoveries with this model. Here they are:

  • Measurements were not yet engraved in the tooling incase we needed to modify any tooling. This is being added now. 
  • Main lid/body threads feel a little more rough than the top. This is being addressed. The threads match and there is no cross-threading, but with our prototypes the threads are very easy to spin on/off. We've been told this is due to the composites/new tooling. Our manufacturer is addressing this now and expects this to be an easy thing to tackle.
  • The bottom base center cap that covers the injection port popped off. This is an easy kill by making sure this permanently seats. 

We've received response from our factory that these discoveries are being worked and they said will be done within the next week, then they will produce another sample. Overall, we are VERY happy with the results and other local Backers felt the same way. 

We will continue to push to production as fast as possible and we are more than ready for shipping ASAP. We will surely keep everyone posted! 

Stay tuned!

Brandon & John

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