GoPUCC Production Update 24 May

Hey Backers!

This week we received good news from our manufacturer. The revised bottom assembly bonding to the bottle was a success and they informed us they were pleased with the results. Please see videos here to view:

Bottle bonding test

Lid overmold assembly

Currently they are smoothing out any rough edges from the tooling but things are looking great to move forward. We are having them produce production samples for us and will be expediting them to us for testing. Will certainly keep everyone updated as get closer. If anyone has moved, please update your address or send us a message or email and we are happy to assist.

Memorial Day

As we approach this Memorial Day weekend, we'd like to thank those who have served and who are currently serving for your service. We hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend and ask you to take a moment of silence to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  

Stay tuned for another update very soon. 

Brandon & John

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