In-depth look at the GoPUCC technology



Hey Backers!

Hope everyone is having a great week. As expected, we wanted to provide everyone a more in-depth look at how we developed the GoPUCC and the technology behind it. Pictured above is a cross-sectional view of the GoPUCC.

In the video, we stated that the top and bottom have been "rounded". This was a feature that was super important to us because we have seen in shaker bottles the nasty build up (not to mention the wasted protein) that builds up in these small spaces. When traveling, resources like a dishwasher or sink/soap might not be always available. Sometimes, a small river stream is all you have! We designed the GoPUCC to be very easy to clean no matter what scenario you are in.

Another feature highlight is the leakproof seals. We have seen bottles leak over time when they start to breakdown or gaskets in them become worn. We have designed the GoPUCC lids with this in mind. The GoPUCC lids will have a food-grade rubberized over-mold on the top to assist in any drops and provide additional grip when tightening/loosening. You'll also notice very small cavities around the perimeter edges that allow the over-mold to provide a permanent gasket/seal, while holding the agitator firmly in place.

Please continue to share the GoPUCC to your friends and family! We are almost to the finish line! Thanks for your time.


Brandon & John

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