Kickstarter Update - We have hit over the halfway mark!!

Hey Backers!

In just less than two weeks into the campaign, we are over the halfway mark! We cannot thank you all enough for bringing this closer to reality!

We have had some users ask about how long fluids will stay hot and cold and will be doing comparison tests (namely to the common steel Tumbler, and a coffee cup). With our prototypes, we are happy to provide any sort of additional tests, insights, views and angles that you guys need. Pictured above is a close up shot of the pink prototype collapsed since it did not show the underside too much in the video. As you can see, it will fully fold into itself and saves quite a bit of space while the GoPUCC is not in use.

Now that we are over half way to goal and with just 22 days left of the campaign, please continue to share the GoPUCC through your social media, friends and family! We are very excited to be bringing this product to market and could never do this without the Founding Backing community.

Thanks for your time,

Brandon & John

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