Production Update 05 December 2018

Hey Backers!

First we want to say we truly thank you for your continued patience as John and I get to mass production and onto shipping to the masses. Between Kickstarter, Indiegogo and our HQ website, your support will certainly not go unnoticed and we thank you in helping us get off the ground and running.

Onto key points as we transition:

Mass Production

Mass production is moving smoothly. We have been on our QC/manufacturer's tail on getting firm timelines because we *know* everyone has been waiting a long time for these (believe us!). We want to relay concrete dates as much as possible before pressing to the masses. The good news is mass production will completed on December 22!


We finally have nailed down a good shipping agent and have done tons of research, price-checking, best logistic set up to get these out as fast as possible while thinking long term. John and I have put forth extra funding to upgrade everyone's shipping to get these shipped out as fast as possible. We are certainly ready for everyone to receive their units and we cannot wait to see the adventures everyone takes their GoPUCC on. Shipping will begin immediately after this mass production order is completed which is expected to be 23 December.

Now some key points:

  • If you are located outside the United States, your GoPUCC unit will be shipped via DHL expedited directly to you (versus EMS postal). Since we are not able to fully control the import/customs process, we will certainly provide your tracking number and it'll be up to you if your country requires customs fee. We have deemed the value to be less than $20 which our shipping agent has informed us most countries should not have any issue. Expected timeframe is 3-5 business days. 
  • If you are located INSIDE the United States - we are having all US orders shipped to our HQ in Reno, Nevada via DHL air-freight (vs sea) which takes about 5-7 business days. From there, we will be shipping all US orders from our HQ to you. Currently we are in talks with USPS, FedEx, and UPS to provide us their best quotes on shipping. 

Order Addresses & Phone Numbers

PLEASE, if you have moved or changed your phone number, send us a message to update to your most accurate address/phone number so we can ensure you receive your GoPUCC. We truly look forward to having everyone receive their GoPUCCs and thank you sincerely for your continued patience and support.

Brandon & John

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